Those Who Believe in CHANGE

Photo of a Man Who is Tired of Waiting for CHANGE

The Cuban people have lived more than 50 years under a kind of cabal called the “Revolution,” based on one-party rule, lack of freedoms, and the loss of values and traditions, which have stained the cultural foundations of the nation.  After the announced retirement due to ill health of Fidel Castro and the passing of the baton to his younger brother, those in government leadership and the suffering people conceived the idea that the time had arrived for the desired CHANGE.

The new president was surprised by several labor leaders who led an entourage to his ailing brother.  These ideas were conceived to disrupt the roots of the Castros’ base, and strip them of absolute power.  This was an opportunity for the state to fulfill its role of channeling and ensuring the full and total development that the individual needs. Nothing changed. Raúl Castro made two or three stuttering interventions that plunged the nation into the expectation of CHANGE — the possibility of increasing diplomatic relations with the United States; ignoring reality he declared that the world financial crisis would not reach the islanders or their currency exchanges — all designed to buy time. The nationals are stuck in the mess, continuing to have to skirt the law in order to buy their children shoes, backpacks, snacks and milk to get them through the school day. Today their hopes are not within view, but neither have they decided to fight and reclaim their inherent rights that are being violated, as the successor Castro continues militarizing the State Council, repressing peaceful dissenters, jailing opponents, unleashing violence against defenseless women and all who raise their voice even in favor of freedom of expression.

Today I pray for those of you who believed in CHANGE, and I urge you to take seriously your civic role, to make up your mind and raise your voice to say WE WANT CHANGE.  Enough of sacrificing the family, the people and the country.

Translated by: Tomás A.

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