Preparing the Next Scene

Last night I left my house to visit a friend, and on the way, I observed cars in the streets, and faces that called for some attention,  because in addition to being unknown, they showed themselves to be very indiscreet and restless.

On my return, I took a different route by other streets to see if I could learn what was going on. Nearing Placensia Street, I noticed a group of people who were there. From afar, they seemed to be a gathering, I thought about the elections, but my curiosity wanted to know more and I approached them.

On the walls were posters, uncommon in the streets for their quality, with photos of Che Guevara, Raul, Fidel. I thought that they had printed the album for a special occasion.

I see the television cameras and all of the ‘players’, as they are called. They are no more than neighbors from the vicinity obliged by their behavior so they do not have a choice, retirees from the Ministry of the Interior (MINIT). At last I was able to see and recognize a group that on several occasions during my husband’s unjust jailing, had perpetrated acts of repudiation against me, which had so affected my daughters.

Walking by that street corner, which was almost always deserted, the microphones screeched with interference. It was as if my body on its own emitted all of the energy caused by my feelings at seeing such a horrific lie, such a hypocritical scene. We all know in the end that these scenes are mere lies and montages for those they wish to deceive.

Translated by: Amante de una Cuba Libre, Lover a Free Cuba, and by Ricote