The District Attorney of Palma Soriano Dictates Preventive Imprisonment to a Member of the CID

Luz Marina Parada- Mother of the prisoner Lázaro Alonso Parada

The activist Lázaro Alonso Parada from the Independent and Democratic Cuban Party (CID) in Palma Soriano, was transferred to the Dos Rios Unit to the Prison of Aguadores in Santiago De Cuba, after being sentenced to a Preventive Imprisonment as a measure of caution, April 16, as confirmed by his mother Luz Marina Parada Licea.

“My son Lázaro, remains detained in hunger strike since the 8th. Later, after having been hit by the police officers Elgis Vázquez González and Danilo Kindelán Corrales, he was charged with Assault, Resistance and Contempt by Maikel, in the preliminary phase of his case 58-2010, in which they propose a sanction of 3 to 8 years of deprivation of liberty. At this time they want to twist things. They went to detain Lazaro for a March that we held in response to the call of Reina Tamayo under the motto ‘Zapata Vive’ and the demands of Guillermo Fariñas Hernández. My son only screamed “Batista sympathizers, these are Fidel’s police officers,’ and ‘Down with Fidel and Raúl.’

“They forbade our visiting him on Wednesday the 21, for continuing on a hunger strike, his condition is noticeably deteriorated due to his weight loss; but he screamed to me and to his brother Agustin that he remained firm and he still supports Reina and Coco Fariñas. I am satisfied of the support that the town of Palma Soriano has shown me, I cannot say that anybody failed to inquire about him and show their support,” the mother of the victim said in conclusion.

Translated by: Mari Mesa Contreras

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Author of the Blog Notorious Injustice on a Hunger Strike and Without Medical Attention

Yamil Dominguez Ramos, delegate of the Independent and Democratic Cuban Party (CID) in the prison Combinado Del Este, remains in a hunger strike since April 14, without receiving medical care.

Dominguez Ramos declared himself abstaining from solids, demanding respect for his rights, condemning the discrimination he suffers for being an American citizen. As it was declared in a telephone conversation by Henry Serguera on the 21st, none of the officials has bothered to try to persuade Yamil of the dangers that a hunger strike represents, nor have they bothered to check his vital signs. He said that Yamil has fainted several times and has lost a lot of body weight.

Henry Serguera shares a cell with Yamil in the Building 1, second floor, North Wind of the Prison Combinado del Este. Yamil Dominguez Ramos is the author of the Blog “Injusticia Notoria,” (Notorious Injustice), an allusion to the miscarriage of justice committed with his unjust incarceration.

Translated by Mari Mesa Contreras

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A Form of Entertainment

Havana was pandemonium during the 49th National Baseball Championship Series.  The finals pitted the Industriales, Blue, the team from Havana with the lion mascot, against Villa Clara, Orange. In the streets there were congas, placards, slogans, and a great commotion when the Industriales won the championship. As they say in the streets, the lion drank the Orange juice.

In those days baseball was the only topic of conversation. The workplaces were paralyzed, and strong arguments broke out on the buses. Since the vast majority of the police are from Eastern Cuba and are not entirely congenial with the citizens of Havana, they quietly endured all the shouting, and in a few areas of Central Havana where people went so far as to actually strike police cars, the police did nothing in response.  But nobody was overly preoccupied with the lack of rice and salt, or the pound of sugar removed from the basic food rations without any consultation with the Cuban people, or the other products that now can’t be found in the foreign exchange stores, baseball was all that mattered.  The government is always looking for ways to mislead people about the hard reality.

I looked around me and upon seeing so many young people and adults in that crowded conga, I  thought about how good it would be if they went out into the streets to protest for the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the unjust beating of the Ladies in White, the immediate and unconditional liberation of all the political prisoners. The authorities could do nothing against such a mass of people, and in the end we would be able to break the chains of those who oppress us, but that was a Utopian dream.  Some for fear, and others for convenience, prefer to neglect reality and their daily needs, and some take refuge in their faith, and others in rum.  But in the end they decide to keep quiet, which is, without doubt, the vocation of sheep.

Translated by ricote

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The Fake Election and the Work of Its Representatives

The topic of the “elections” in Cuba is a constant thing.  There are various ads on television, interviews with Delegates from diverse electoral districts and supposed meetings that are planned in different neighborhoods to shine an international light on Cuba — just like a few days ago when a fence appeared around my house and later the people who were there said, as good Cubans do, it was all an Act.

About two years ago I heard that they were allowing the sale of construction materials as long as you had a signed document from the Delegate of your Zone — you could get things like cement, tiles, windows, doors and furniture.  The Delegate went around letting everyone know and gave us an office appointment at 6pm on Thursdays to get the document.

As a Cuban citizen, resident in Zone 1, Electoral District 2 of the Municipality of Central Havana, in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, with all of the rights to which I am entitled, and so as not to lose them, I went to this woman to ask for 30 tiles to fix the roof where I live with my two young daughters.  I was very clear that I do not belong to any government organization but in order to avoid having to turn to the black market, I was asking her for these things.

You can’t imagine what it was like to wait for this functionary, she turned a deaf ear to me — time keeps passing and my roof keeps leaking every time it rains.  The vigilance to which my family is subjected does not allow us to buy anything under the table to survive.

The Delegate, on the other hand, built herself a panelled house with doors and windows made of iron and glass.  She just installed a cement tank to collect clean water and she sleeps peacefully while there are neighbors around her who, like me, turned to her to buy things, which were not free, but without authorization we could not buy.  I signed on to various waiting lists and after the last hurricane, they explained to me that everything would be worked out, even though I continue to wait.

I don’t think my case is the worst, but I am sure that it is one more of the many that are unsolved — and silence and fear won’t be our alternative to waiting — so — where is the competence they say they have and their care.  There are many people who have been fooled and who still believe in the FAKE ELECTIONS.

They all end their terms with good houses while the voters save their deposits in the bank of patience.

Translated by Hank

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