At the Feet of the Caridad del Cobre, Executive Board of MAR por CUBA

Photo of MAR por CUBA on the altar of offerings in el Cobre.

(MAR por CUBA = Mothers and Women Anti-Repression for Cuba)

The director of the library, Marisol Torañ, on a visit she made to el Cobre, left at the National Sanctuary of the Virgin of Charity, the only patron saint of Cuba, a plaque with a photo of the executive Board of MAR por Cuba, on the morning of Sunday, March 14.

It was an emotional moment when she presented, at the feet of the Virgin, the plaque with the photo of the executive board of Women and Mothers Anti-Repression for Cuba, and sister Martha Lee (congregation of the Social Sisters) and P. Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarria(ex-political prisoner) and my husband paused to pray for freedom for all the political prisoners, for the health of Guillermo Fariñas, for the designs of the nation, and the unity of all Cubans in whatever place in the globe they are to be found, closing with a prayer for the soul of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

With tears in our eyes and a reaffirming hug we left, depositing the plaque along with the stamps of the 75 political prisoners of the Black Spring of 2003 on the altar of promises, and a painting detailing the political prisoner in Cuba.

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