The Fear of the Truth

The truth always prevails and even more so in the face of those who try to obscure the lives of valiant men such as Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

I spent several days attentively following the National News Broadcast on television, because I was certain they had to say something, lies, as usual, but surely they could not  keep quiet considering the tremendous impact the death of this young fighter had caused around the world.  By various means, numerous Cubans already  had some knowledge that the manipulative Government commentary left a lot unsaid. The government has no respect for a mother’s pain.  And furthermore, they lie, for instance stating that, “He wanted a refrigerator and a telephone in his cell.” That was not true!  He was only asking to be treated with the same rights given to  Fidel Castro when he was imprisoned for assaulting the Moncada Barracks in his fight against the dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Anyone who, like me, can understand Zapata, will know that his thoughts, his conviction to fight for the freedom of all political prisoners, for true equality, for fairness and the basic rights that are violated, is what distinguished this young man with dark skin, with only a bible for a pillow, wearing a brilliant smile despite the lack of food that was supporting his demands.

Later, when he was already jailed, I supported his mother, Reina Tamayo Danger, with the spreading of some news, some aid that I could give her and the affection and recognition as a woman and a brave mother.

During the imprisonment of my husband Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarria, I was able to greet him in Taco-Taco prison, and on each visit we shared our food with him, so that he would not eat the food of the penitentiary regime, the same attitude of my husband.

The indomitable posture of this man is now collected in the history of this nation. Choosing justice caused him to receive many blows. Zapata did not walk inside the prison. The military had to throw him on a cart so he  could go for his visits, all dressed in white as a sign of his protest, and in order that he would have as little contact as possible with other prisoners, all the activities of the jail were paralyzed. But the cries of acclamation heard through the bars could not be delayed, they appeared majestically with the greatest of his attributes, his Cubanness and his love of justice.

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, today you are free from all bonds, now your physical body, full of wounds and scars from the beatings it took, is resting in peace and you are moving into the Eternal Sunrise together with your indelible clamour for the  Freedom of your comrades in the political prison, and for the Cuban people.

And the sole truth is that they always lie.

Translated by Ricote

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