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We bloggers in Cuba do the work of Titans in an effort to show the world the islanders’ reality, taking into account that we live on THE ISLAND OF THE DISCONNECTED.  To send our work we have to be 8.00 CUCs an hour to connect in a hotel, which is the equivalent of 192.00 Cuban pesos, from a basic worker’s salary of 250.00 per month.  When we do connect we run the risk that the blog will be highjacked, the password stolen, and any other personal information about our electronic account pirated, by governmental power and their monitoring methods, which are established in all computers from the moment of connection; yet to challenge this monopoly of information exposes us to a risk of 2-30 years in prison under Law 88 (Law of National Sovereignty), unable to forget the tragic and sad episode in which they took 74 men and one woman to prison in the Black Spring of 2003.

If you would like to help a blogger in Cuba don’t think about it, DO IT!


– When you are visiting Cuba, give a blogger an Internet card (from one of the hotels).

– If you have more than one computer at home, bring it and donate it.

– An external hard drive… bring it with you.

– A digital camera…

– A DVD or CD writer, and CDs or DVDs…

– A printer, no matter how old it is…

– A scanner you aren’t using…

– Some flash drives (flash memory / memory sticks)…

– Rechargeable batters and charger, don’t hesitate to bring them…

– If you have a cell phone you aren’t using…

– You can recharge a blogger’s mobile phone on this site: htpp://, and you can also maintain an account on Twitter.

– If you speak a language other than Spanish you can translate one paragraph from a post so that another person can read it.

– If you maintain a regular internet connection accept the challenge of sponsoring a Cuban blog.  You could be the person who receives, by email, the posts for the blot and you can post them without running the risk of intervention by State Security.

Even the most insignificant person can facilitate the work of some man or woman who is writing a new history of the reality Cubans live, even when one lives without connection, one can be the solution and the most effective method to realize the work and goals of community communicators.

And for my part, I urge you and thank you just for the fact that you concern yourself enough to read and show SOLIDARITY WITH A CUBAN BLOGGER.

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