Happy St. Valentine’s Day

With your love, I lack nothing.

The Day of Love

In the fourth century B.C., the Romans practiced a rite of passage in honor of the god Lupercus, consisting of placing the names of the adolescents girls and young men in a closed container, then randomly removing them to select the one who should accompany each throughout the year.

In Rome in 270 AD, Emperor Claudius II, issued a law abolishing marriage, because married men were refusing to leave their families to join the war, and this was the primary need of the Empire at the time. In Interamma there was an acting bishop named Valentine, who secretly took in young lovers and joined them in the sacrament of marriage.  When Emperor Claudius II heard, he had Bishop Valentine jailed.  While he was in prison, Valentine fell in love with Julia, the blind daughter of the jailer.  Finally Claudius ordered the beheading of the bishop.  The execution was carried out on February 14, in the year 270, beside a door that was later named the Gate of St. Valentine, in his memory, and he was buried in the present-day Church of Praxedes in the city of Rome. Found among Valentine’s belongings was a farewell letter to Julia, written by him on the eve of his execution, and signed “From your Valentine.”

The story tells us that Julia planted a pink almond at the graveside of the groom, thus the symbol of the almond is a symbol of everlasting love.

The Catholic Church instituted the feast, and the customs for celebrating St. Valentine’s Day vary according to country where they are held.  Postcards were used for the first time in the United States in 1840, and were sold by Esther Howland.  The tradition led us to give flowers, candy, food, to exchange items or to heartily congratulate our family and those whom we truly consider our friends, so you can break the stereotype of celebrating only as couples.

With this brief history I am only trying to ensure that those who do not know the meaning of the St. Valentine’s day do not think that is only between couples but also is the day of love for children, friends, everyone around us and why not, even love animals and I think in Cuba people really need to understand the meaning of the word LOVE, so open your heart … that on any day it is important to love.

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