Bloody Canine Murder

Aunt Aida, as everyone in my house would say, was an old lady of 82, tall, thin, sweet, and very devoted to her family. She was the older sister of my brother’s grandmother but as they were orphaned from very young she was dedicated to raising her two younger sisters and helped care for the nieces, nephews and grandchildren she, in turn, being the mother of two out-of-wedlock children.

Sadly, Aida underwent surgery at various times for a hip fracture and later to change the prosthesis, requiring repeated doses of anesthesia which left her with mental gaps. Her daughter, who lived in the residential area of Old Havana, took her into her home to spend the Christmas season and at four in the afternoon on December 16–coincidentally the eve of St. Lazarus who is venerated as the saint of dogs and the elderly–when she was arriving home from work she honked for her husband to open the garage doors for her car. He forgot to close the front door of the house and the old lady in her delirium stuck her head out, an opportunity two Rottweilers took advantage of to attack her and bite her face to the point of butchering it to the bone.

The neighbors, alarmed and terrified, could nothing. Only her bloodcurdling screams could be heard because the panic and surprise were indescribable, her daughter fell upon those beasts but couldn’t make them stop and ran for the police who charged in, pistol in hand, and shot each animal, killing them and ending the destruction.

Today her daughter is interned in a psychiatric center and her grandchildren, traveling on business, still know nothing. The official press isn’t aware of it, however in many of the streets of Havana people know by common gossip and in different versions, where there are photos that have leaked from the Department of Technical Investigations (DTI) of the Ministry of the Interior that illustrate the bloody canine murder.

For my part, with overwhelming pain for the loss of Aunt Aida, I want to break the silence and share such a freak occurrence with the readers of my blog, paying tribute to her memory through this digital window.

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